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At any time you have a number of projects underway. Too often small errors become compounded and, initially, go un-noticed or are ignored. Eventually issues mount up, problems occur and, suddenly, the project is failing. Significantly, this has consequences on other projects across the portfolio, to programmes and to your organisation.

We have over 20 years of experience in troubleshooting failing projects, and successfully recovering them.

Operational Intelligence

Data is not enough to enable your organisation to make decisions and take actions. In fact, many organisations gather and use a lot of data but have no real idea of what data is most important to them and how it really contributes to decision making.

We have a strong data and information science pedigree, and have developed tools that we use to enable organisations to fully comprehend their Decision Architecture.


Your software was developed to standards but these were not rigerously enforced. The code was not assessed for quality when it was created. The developers have moved on and now your applications are running on legacy hardware and obsolete operating systems.

We can rewrite your code to rigerously enforced standards. Undertaking anything from a like-for-like conversion, to a full redesign from a functional perspective onwards.

Digital Integrity - TruSeal

No matter what the file or data format, all digital and electronic files can be manipulated and tampered with. Detecting this can be extremely difficult, time consuming and often effort is wasted in performing comparisons when no tampering has actually taken place.

In 2012 CyberVector acquired TruSeal™, a patented and accredited digital integrity application which is more robust and versatile than other products, and which scales from SMEs to Enterprises.